Online Dust & Gas Monitor

Online Dust & Gas Monitor

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Engineering and environmental solutions introduces an indigenous monitor for testing air quality in real time and access of data from anywhere. The instrument monitors dust levels in ranges PM2.5 & PM10and reports data in mass concentration units of ug/m3. It also measures the levels of SOx, NOx, CO,CO2,CH4 and O3.

The data-logger, is Made-in -India and stores real time values at pro grammable averaging periods. The datalogger enables the user to download recorded data on a USB pen drive in .csv format and export it to MS Excel for trend analysis.

Thenstrumental has a GSM modem which uploads real time values on our servers. A user can access both real time and historic values by accessing the server from anywhere anytime through a browser.

  • Direction method: light scattering laser photometer; 90deg off-axis detector
  • Measured mass fractions: simultaneous PM10, PM2.5 and other parameters.
  • Mass range: PM10: 150mg/m3
  • resolution : +-0.1% of reading
  • stability : +-2ug /m3 per 24hours
  • sample inlet : heated, omni-directional sample inlet with water trap
  • sample flow rate:3.0 lpm (internal digital flow control)
  • Gtavimetric sampling : removable 37 mm filer cartridge (filter to be bought separately)
  • recording interval : programmable with options of 5,15 and 30 mins
  • memory : 4GB sufficient for several months of data
  • communications: GSM modem (without SIM)
  • Data access :see live and historic valies through any web-browser. Export data directly to MS Excel for trend analysis.
  • Download recorded data on a USB pen drive in csv format