Handy Sampler

Handy Sampler

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Engineering and Environmental Solutions is the manufacturer of Handy indoor air sampler. It has feature for sampling SPM in indoor air and two different water soluble gases like Sox, NOx. It uses a small light weight battery operated pump to draw air through 37 mm dia filter and through suitable absorption solution contained in two impinger fitted in series. Thus besides particulates any two gaseous pollutants can be monitored simultaneously.

The Particulate sampling head provided with the system would be useful for monitoring particulates like silica cement dust metal fumes, asbestos fiber etc. in work area of cement plants, foundries mines and also in indoor air.

Technical Specifications

  • Suction Pump : Diaphragm pump
  • Sampling Rate : 0.5 to I LPM
  • Power Supply : 230+/-10V AC, 50Hz with Battery- charger and Rechargeable Batteries 2AH
  • Operation time: 8 hours with full charge, with sampling rate of 1LPM
  • Charge: 15 hours or less
  • Sampling train : Consisting of 2 Nos, 35 ml glass impinges kept in ice tray connected with inert silicone tubing.