Fine Particulate Sampler

Fine Particulate Sampler

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Ambient air enters the PM2.5 sampler through an omni directional inlet designed to provide a clear aerodynamic cut-point for particles larger than 10 microns. The air stream then passes through a WINS Impactor that retains the fraction between PM10 and PM2.5. The PM10 and PM2.5 impactors used in the PM2.5 are based on designs standardized by USEPA and as such the system complies with international norms for PM2.5 Samplers.

The sampling rate is held constant at 1 m3/hr by a mass flow controller. An ambient air temperature sensor and barometric pressure sensor have been provided to automatically compensate for temperature and pressure while reporting flow rate in volumetric flow units.

The PM2.5 an in-built data logger that records air temperature, filter temperature, flow rate and also totalizes and records the volume of air sampled. A PC based software is provided to download the data for audit.


  • PM10 and PM2.5 Impactors of sampler based on designs standardized by USEPA (United States Environment Protection Agency).
  • Same instrument can be used for PM10 and PM2.5 sampling separately.
  • Lower sampling rate of 1m3/hr reduces filter choking even in areas having high FPM levels.
  • Critical Orifice maintains constant sampling rate of 1m3/hour.
  • Compact and portable for convenient field operation.
  • CPCB approved technology

Technical Specifications

  • Size Selective inlets : Omni-directional air inlet with PM 10 separation through an impactor followed by PM2.5 separation through a WINS Impactor
  • Flow Rate : 1 m3 /hr controlled by mass flow controller
  • Vacuum Pump : Oil Free, non-pulsating pump driven by induction motor for stable flow rate
  • Power requirement : Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply. For proper operation and safety a good earth connection is mandatory
  • Filter Media : Filter holder designed to accept any standard 47mm diameter filter media
  • Sample Volume : Digital sensor with electronic display that records the total air volume sampled
  • Elapsed time indicator : Real Time clock records the operating time for each sample
  • Flow recorder : Digital Microcontroller based system records flow rate, volume of air sampled, air temperature and filter temperature in non-volatile flash memory.